How to write a great job ad

Writing a job advert doesn’t seem like much of a task, but if you want to receive informed, relevant applications, there might be more to consider than you first think...

With over 71% of graduates having been confused by a job description when applying for roles, it’s important to make sure that your opportunities are conveyed in a simple, effective way.

Check out our top tips below for writing a graduate-friendly job advert that aim to deliver high quality applications to your roles.

Spelling Mistakes

Job titles – short and simple

Job titles should relate to an actual job or specialism, enabling candidates to easily find it in the search results. They also encourage users to click on the advert and find out more. Avoid using vague marketing messages, or including the salary.

Short Paragraphs

Concise paragraphs

Avoid your job description being skimmed over, and receiving an application from a graduate who doesn’t fully understand the role. Keep the copy in short, concise paragraphs, using bullet points and lists.

Separating out your copy makes the job a lot easier to read, and will keep hold of candidate’s attention, making it more likely that they’ll apply for your opportunity.

Write dynamically

Creative content

The job description is your first chance to convey not only what the role entails, but to give the candidate a sense of what it’s like to work in your business. Write the advert in your tone of voice, making sure to highlight the elements of a job graduates really care about, such as work / life balance and development opportunities.

Using pictures and videos will also help the candidates to get a grasp of your company culture, and assess how well they’d fit in the business.

Bullet lists for easy reading

Things to avoid

  • No jargon. Clear concise descriptions deliver informed, relevant applications.
  • No buzzwords. Use specific words that describe the personality traits and qualifications that you are looking to bring into your company.
  • No deceptive job locations. Make sure you are clear which region and office the role is located in to avoid confusion.
Short Paragraphs

Final tips

  • Sell the job’s benefits from a career perspective. Graduates want to know about progression, qualifications and key skills.
  • Keep the work descriptions simple – a candidate applying for your role may not be clued up on even basic business processes.
  • No vague statements – if a candidate doesn’t understand the role, they won’t apply for it!

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